The fifth anthology of Isidore art and comics. (NSFW)
Coming home from a long day at the studio. (NSFW)
The fourth anthology of Isidore cartoons. (NSFW)
The third compilation of Isidore cartoons. (NSFW)
28 sketches covering Isidore, my fursona, et al. (NSFW)
The second compilation of full-res Isidore cartoons. (NSFW)
Personal realizations happen however they have to. (NSFW)
A compilation of cartoons with a cast of nude trans dipshits. (NSFW)
A love letter to the wretched bastard girl under my skin. (NSFW)
Some standalone snippets of strange alien politicians
A chatlog story of digital intimacy.
A chatlog story of digital intimacy
A chatlog story of digital intimacy
Learn, explore, and fight in a newly-modern fantasy realm.
Role Playing
Cutaway Diagrams for the Third Anniversary
All your favorite Parhelion characters in snappy outfits, and some speculative timelines
Four Planetary Tales
A RoboRosewater Bestiary/Zine
A Parhelionverse Twine of Puzzles and Sexbots
Role Playing
Authoritarian Walking Simulator
Role Playing
Short, experimental Twine about a grimy spaceport in the Parhelion verse.
Role Playing