The second compilation of full-res Isidore cartoons. (NSFW)
Personal realizations happen however they have to. (NSFW)
A compilation of cartoons with a cast of nude trans dipshits. (NSFW)
A love letter to the wretched bastard girl under my skin. (NSFW)
Some standalone snippets of strange alien politicians
A chatlog story of digital intimacy.
A chatlog story of digital intimacy
A chatlog story of digital intimacy
Learn, explore, and fight in a newly-modern fantasy realm.
Role Playing
Cutaway Diagrams for the Third Anniversary
All your favorite Parhelion characters in snappy outfits, and some speculative timelines
Four Planetary Tales
A RoboRosewater Bestiary/Zine
A Parhelionverse Twine of Puzzles and Sexbots
Role Playing
Authoritarian Walking Simulator
Role Playing
Short, experimental Twine about a grimy spaceport in the Parhelion verse.
Role Playing